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Most Polular Tabletype PRP centrifuge TD4-PRP

PRP therapy refers to a surgical procedure of applying or injecting PRP, which is collected from your own body, on or into your skin. 

The growth factors rich in PRP vitalize myocites, and such vitalized myocites increase the amount 

of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, facilitating the rejuvenation of aged or damaged skin. 




1. Stainless steel material, simple-compact, low-noise. 

2. Adopt advanced CPU control system and microprocessor control, maintenance-free frequency conversion motor.

3. Both electronic lock and mechanical lock for safe operation.                       

4.10 grades of Acc/Dec rate, which can be set or save parameters freely.                                  

5. Parameters can be modified at any time when running without stopping the machine, and enable to show both the set and the actual value when running. 

6. 9 program memory.


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